About Us

Company Profile

Tsurumi Pump (M) Sdn Bhd was established since 2001. We are the joint venture company with Tsurumi Manufacturing Co. Ltd Japan who manufacture submersible pumps, sewage and waste water treatment equipment. In addition to support a variety of worksites, our high-performance pump products are widely used in construction, civil engineering, mining, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, sewage treatment, water treatment and flood control.

Our company's vision is to provide one stop equipments solution on sewerage and waste water treatment, general construction drainage and dewatering, urban domestic water supply system, air-condition and fire fighting pumping system, etc.

Construction and Mining

The submersible construction dewatering pumps contribute widely to the society with their surprisingly rugged performance displayed in severe conditions.

Industry and Energy

More than 17,000 submersible industrial pump designs that have been responding to the wishes of sites, are ready to meet particular requirements.

River and Flood Control

Proposing dependable flood control system by extensive range of products that are capable of quickly draining rainwater.

Agriculture and Irrigation

From irrigation to wastewater treatment for communities, Tsurumi is contributing to the agricultural and regional development with an awareness of actual conditions in their target regions.

Environmental Equipment

Continuing innovation for the future in the attracted field like recycling sludge and other organic waste.

Our wide range of products to cover

  • Sewage and waste water submersible pumps
  • General construction drainage pumps
  • Clear water centrifugal pumps :- multistage, end suction and horizontal split case
  • Aeration Equipment :- Blowers, diffuser, surface aerators, submersible aerators and ejectors
  • Sludge Treatment :- Drum drying, filter press, centrifuge decanter
  • SBR surface skimming decanter
  • Ultra membrane filtration system


Project:   Construction, completion,operation and maintenance of Bayan Baru Sewage Treatment Works (Phase 1)
Location:      Penang, Malaysia
Plant Size:    600,000 people
Process:       Modified Oxidation Ditch (MOD)


Project: Design, construction, equipping, commissioning and maintenance of sewage treatment work and earthwork Module 1 for Bukit Raja, Mukim Kapar, Daerah Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Location:    Klang, Malaysia
Plant Size:  510,000 P.E
Process:     Sequential Batch Reactor 2 (SBR2)